Saturday, October 24, 2015

This blog entry was written for ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) It is written for writers, but it can just as well hold merit for anyone who needs to "get ir done"!

What Inspires Us

       I’m making an assumption here, but I believe we all need to be inspired by something when we first put pen to paper – or fingers to keys, as the case may be. Whether it’s a deadline looming, the proverbial sunrise making it’s entrance on a new day, or simply wanting 30 minutes of alone time with a cup of tea to ponder ideas, there is always something that pushes us forward to write. Whatever it is, there’s usually a je ne sais quoi moment when the light bulb goes on. And when that happens, it’s awesome. However…when the light bulb is dim or has no electric current running through it, what is a person to do? Stick their finger in a socket? I think not.
       If you are one of the lucky ones whose brain turns on like a switch, and your fingers begin tapping across the keyboard like a woodpecker searching for bugs on a tree, then kudos to you.  I, on the other hand, am more like a sloth making his way up a tree trunk in search of a new branch of leaves. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how we get there, as long as we get there.
       I have two things that work for me. First I ask the Lord to give me guidance and wisdom everyday, whatever task I am facing. Then I set about doing it. Seriously, if I have something to write that needs done I go into military mode or Nike mode. You know, just “get it done”.  I sit down and I don’t let myself get up until a spark of an idea has grown into a full-blown fire, even if it’s a sloth like fire. I will steal slightly from the US Postal Service Creed. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this courier from her swift completion of her appointed round. And, if I may add, even a bladder full of hot tea!
       This course of action may not work for everyone, bit I’ve found through the years if you look for excuses to not “get it done” you will always find them. I am not talking just about writing here. I am talking about everything in life. From cleaning windows, to picking up fall leaves, to making a date to go ice-skating while you still can.  If you put off life until a moment inspires you, then you may miss the inspiring moment. And life is full of them. I just recently cleaned my kitchen windows only to look up and catch a hummingbird hovering, it’s wings beating around 80 times per second, staring back at me. Wow. I stood motionless in wonder at Gods creation. If I hadn’t made an appointment with myself to get the windows done look what I would have missed. Everyday, every hour, every second is full of God galvanizing moments that should not only spark writing ideas, but should ignite a love for the life the Lord created for us, dirty windows and all. 


  1. Kim, I found the perfect "tonic" for a good night's sleep... I have read your post, listened to God for about 15 minutes, prayed and listened to the song below "Amazing God" and now I'm off to bed. thank you. Ellen Newbold

  2. Currently sitting in the lab pretending to be scientist and wondering how on Earth I am going to be able to figure out how to run this cortisol assay without ruining my samples on my own. Your blog was a great reprieve to remind me to stop looking for distractions from my lack of understanding be like the little engine that could by continuing to plug away!

  3. Dear Anonymous, Thanks so much for the comments. You, and all who take a moment to respond to an entry, do my heart good. So glad you like the song,too. I can't help but sing along (only with my dogs as audience) every time I listen to it.