I was born in Grove City, Pennsylvania, graduated from Slippery Rock University with a BS in English and have lived in Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. I've never won any prestigious awards like Carolyn Hart, or visited exotic locales like Agatha Christie, neither have I had famous acquaintances like G.K. Chesterton , but I am still a very blessed Christian woman. I have a large extended family who loves me, a husband whom I cherish and he cherishes me, and a penchant for reading, watching, writing and solving mysteries.  In that vein I cannot help but concoct stories, whether in book form or a yearly mystery party I throw for friends and family to solve.
       When I lived in Pennsylvania my pooch Cooper and I volunteered at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital.  He really was a very smart dog. If you read either of my novels you will see Cooper plays a prominent role. And yes, the Shepherd on the front page of my blog and at the top of my website   https://www.pawsforlovemystery.com     is one in the same. He is no longer alive, but his memory lives on in each and every page I write in my Paws For Love Mysteries.
      I now call North Carolina home where I live with my husband and a home filled with lots of furry friends.
        I write because I feel compelled to put words on paper, but it's meaningless unless I can share them with others. 

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  1. My Revolutionary sister,

    I had no idea you had a personal blog! I am both impressed and envious, for I once loved to write, but lost that spirit. Never, ever, let anything interfere...neither man nor beast nor the need to eat!

    And yes, German Shepherds rock. My heart has been owned at numerous times, by members of this marvelous species.

    Terri Tompkins
    Willard, NC

  2. Terri, I know you left this blog entry last spring and I am just now realizing it. My comments section didn't show up where I expected it. I may do okay at writing, but my technical skills seem to be limited. I just wanted to say, thanks. Thank you for your encouragement, it is what keeps writers like myself chomping at the bit to do more. Hope you have enjoyed my other entires, and will join my site. Have a great week. Kim