Available Soon: A new Paws For Love Mystery

  1. HEADLINE...Local Man Charged With Murder!

    Pet store owner Morgan Langdon is a blessed young woman. She has a husband who adores her, parents who dote over her, and a dog that hangs on her every word. Life is close to perfect until her dad is charged with bludgeoning his contractor with a three-iron golf club. And even worse, his fingerprints are on the murder weapon. Morgan’s part-time freelance venture as an investigative reporter for her local newspaper kicks into high gear. She’ll wave her press pass at every opportunity if it means she can exonerate her father. No one will deter her from finding the truth... not a smarmy construction worker, not a wealthy haughty dowager, not even the mafia themselves. She will need all of her sleuthing skills and determination to beat the proverbial ticking clock...Morgan prays time won’t run out. 

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