Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tucker's Tale

There was a path, long forgotten, it began at the edge of a hill.

And the valley leading up to it was always quiet and still.

Trailing vines crawled over its entrance so nary a person could see.

And silent voices stirred from within, saying please come play with me.

But no one could hear and no one would know of the secrets kept within.

Until one day a small little puppy dared to venture in.

His name was Tucker, he was black and white, and his nose was very small.

But, it could smell adventure from faraway, whenever it would call.

So, coming across the path one day he pushed the leaves aside,

and entered in, one paw at a time, to see what was inside.

The path was filled with soft green moss, and pebbles lined its edge.

Soft quiet voices beckoned him from somewhere over the hedge.

He walked and walked and stopped at a place where the earth was warm and soft.

Being tired he stretched, and yawned, and then laid down at that very spot.

To his surprise upon waking up a large tree there had grown.

Beside where he had laid his head, he knew he wasn’t alone.


For on it he could see a door, and windows lined with lead.

And sounds of laughter, and clinking glasses echoed from within.

Then without notice the door opened wide, and a small Gnome gave a call.

So up Tucker stood, and closer came, when at him they threw a ball.

He had never played with Gnomes before, so he didn’t know what to expect.

But wanting adventure and something to eat, he decided to take a step.

In the door, and up some stairs, then to the kitchen it was next,

where cabinets filled with scones and jam and crackers and cheese were fixed.

A fireplace crackled, and instruments played as Gnomes danced all around.

Tucker, intrigued, stayed and joined in to listen to the sights and sounds.

Music played from ages past whose melody was quite spry.

The lyrics echoed through the years saying never say goodbye.

They laughed, and they ate, and told fables galore, from times of long ago.

And Tucker wished he could stay forever, and never have to go.

But the sun was setting; evening birds were calling for it was nearly night.

So the Gnomes said adieu, and shook his paw, then turned off the lights.

Tucker turned around three times, and curled up on a soft downy pillow.

He faded into a restful sleep as the fireplace spit it’s last smoky billow.

When daylight came, and he opened his eyes in amazement he would see,

there he was, in his own back yard, near his favorite tree.

Had it been real, or only a dream, would it ever truly be known?

But when he stood up, he saw on his paw a message they had sewn.

On a small piece of wool embroidered with silk the words they were clear….

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